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  • Telescopic boom

    Based on decades of experience as a service provider in the metallurgical industry, we know what is important. Reliability and flexibility are indispensable as a service provider.

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  • Flexible solutions

    We gladly respond toyour special requests, because our engineers are familiar since more than 30 years with the product and because of that, a transformation is always possible.

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Telescopic boom for the special claim.

Experience meets passion and this also stands for durability, reliability and a smooth process!

Exactly this reliability we would like to offer to you as our client. Through more than 95 years of experience as a service provider in steel industry, we know very well what it depends on. Because we are not only producer of telescope booms, but are also using them in our sister company as a service provider, we have created a product, which resists the relentlessly operation in the steel works.


Through a permanent feedback of the maintenance personnel as well as the operators, weak spots can be eliminated directly and innovations can be transferred quickly and uncomplicated. Anyhow, we gladly respond to your special requests, because our engineers are familiar since more than 30 years with the product and because of that, a transformation is always possible.

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Possibilities of Application

  • Cleaning of the pig iron ladles
  • Cleaning and outburst of cast steel boilers
  • Outburst of the converter and cleaning of the borehole top
  • Cleaning and outburst of vacuum container
  • Outburst of scum boilers
  • Various attachments for special solutions
  • Tapping of the converter

3 available boom variants

Drilling unit required for the tapping of the converter

The drilling unit

The drilling unit consists of a drill pipe and a position unit, which are mounted on hydraulic powered carriages. Both carriages are powered by hydraulic engines and are horizontally movable mounted on a boom. This unit can be mounted on a technical suitable serial digger. The hydraulic engines are provided by the hydraulic of the digger.

The drill pipe consists of a double-walled pipe, at which a diamond tipped, water-cooled drill bit is installed. By the double-walled model, the cooling water is directly leaded to the drill bit, to make possible an ideal cooling of the drill bit. The rotation results from a hydraulic gear, which is also provided by the hydraulic of the digger. The cooling water is supplied by the operator.

The position unit consists of a lance, on which the repair kit is inserted, as well as a multi-bin mailbox in which four standard captive-bolt pistols with magazine are mounted. A power unit with gear turns the captive-bolt pistol in the appropriate working positions. The power unit and the shot cylinder for the operation of the captive-bolt pistol are provided by the hydraulic of the digger.

The horizontal cross adjustment before and between the working steps results from a hydraulic cylinder, which is provided by the digger too.

Drilling preparations

The water, which is required for the cooling of the drilling process, is supplied in sufficient amount and pressure through the water network of the operator. For this purpose, pipes are installed to the digger and connected to the drilling unit.

After this, the captive-bolt pistols with magazine will be mounted at the machine. The new repair kit will be completely put back on the position unit.

Drilling process

The machine moves into the working position and is fixed. The drill pipe is moved in position. The old repair kit is removed cleanly by a water-cooled tapping drill hole. The position unit is cross operated in position. The new repair kit will be brought in position and fixed by means of the captive-bolt pistol. The whole work proceeding is steered by the operator in his cabin or optional from a safe distance with a remote control.

Special feature: Borehole at the tapping of the converter

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